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Christian Impact is a Christ-centered community that aims to engage the entire campus with the Gospel in both word and deed and to help transform the lives of students for a lifetime.



Find out about our community, our vision, our activities, and the opportunities that CI provides at Harvard.

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Welcome back to Spring Semester! We hope you had a wonderful winter break. We've got lots of fun and important events coming your way this semester. Scroll on down the page to see what we've got planned and then come join us!


Life Groups!


Life groups are starting up again! These are our weekly small group meetings that take place all over campus. Life groups are the place where we do life together. We study the Bible, explore hard questions, encourage each other, and help one another grow closer to God. You don't have to be Christian to come! If you want to join a life group this semester, sign up here and we will make sure you get connected.

Grub Buds!

Sign up for CI+AIA Grub Buds! Every two weeks, you'll have the chance to be paired with a random member of CI+AIA to grab a meal together. Meal pairings are a great way to meet new people and to strengthen our community!

Every other week, the form will open Wednesday and close on Saturday. You'll be notified of your pairing by Sunday night. Then, you and your new bud can schedule a meal at your convenience.

Participation is completely voluntary and you can sign up as often or as little as you like. Yay community!

LifeGroup Bucket List!

  1. Meet up at the John Harvard Statue and take a creatively “touristy” photo that includes at least each face of every person in life group AND John Harvard’s face. 5 pts
  2. Ask at least 3 random people on the street to describe “Nougat” and film each interaction. 10 pts
  3. Get yourselves into a human knot and untangle yourself from said knot. 3 pts
  4. Go see a show/movie/performance/sports event with your Life Group. 10 pts
  5. Create a “LifeGroup Playlist” on Spotify (or other music-listening platforms) that perfectly encapsulates the personalities of each member of your Life Group. Must have 3 songs per member. 5pts
  6. Get Bubble Tea as a Life Group and pair it with a walk along the river. 5 pts
  7. Go to CVS and purchase as MANY items as you can for $10 (i.e. maximize that $10!!) Take a photo of your receipt so we can compare between Life Groups and see which Life Group can do the most with $10. 10 pts
  8. Go on a field trip together off campus. 10 pts
  9. Do the “River Run Dinner” (or “)in preparation for Fuel - stopping at every river house and getting a small portion of dinner in each house. 10 pts
  10. Memorize a chapter of the Bible together. 5 pts
  11. Have a LG photoshoot together. 5 pts
  12. Post a goofy or sizzling hot Instagram photo of your group on each person’s account. 5 pts
  13. Call your Life Group leader’s parent/guardian/mentor and chat for at least 5 minutes, telling them embarrassing Life Group stories. 5 pts
  14. Go to the gym together and work out for at least 30 minutes. Snap a photo of each of you on your favorite machine. 5 pts
  15. Create a Snapchat group and get a 2 week streak. 5 pts
  16. Lead someone to Christ, as a team. 20 pts

The group who accrues the most points by the end of the semester, WINS!!!!