Harvard Christian Impact + Athletes in Action is a Christ-centered community that aims to engage the entire campus with the Gospel in both word and deed and to help transform the lives of students for a lifetime.



Find out about our community, our vision, our activities, and the opportunities that CI provides at Harvard.

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Ready to get involved? Ready to see where you can plug in to this dynamic community? Jump on in! Trust us, you won't regret it.

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We've got some amazing opportunities coming up and we hope to see you there. Check out some of these keys events and invite a friend to join you!



Weekly small group gatherings! Check one out!

You've been waiting for it, and here it is! Our LifeGroups are coming together and ready to kick off this week! Here is the list of initial times, locations, and leader contacts. Please note that some of the times may change if needed to accommodate the most number of people and additional groups will likely be added. Also, if there's a group you'd like to check out but you can't make it this week, just email the leaders and let them know. And if you have any questions at all, just let us know!

Men’s Groups

Thursday 8pm @ Science Center Telescope - Joel (260-403-2421) & Andrew (929-302-5798) {Take the elevator to the 8th floor and follow the To the Telescopes signs up two flights of stairs}

Sunday 6pm @ Memorial Church Basement Student Oasis - Sam (708-821-7183) & Joel (781-813-9396) {Entrance to the Memorial Church Basement is opposite Canaday}

Sunday 8pm @ Ticknor Lounge - Brandon & Tyler (316-249-1084)

Sunday 8pm @ Dewolfe 27 - Daniel (434-547-7875) & Kevin (616-264-0063) {Meet at Widener to walk over}

Women’s Groups

Monday 5pm @ Adams Dining Hall - Lily (251-366-5177) & Ruth (914-439-0801)

Wednesday 5pm @ Memorial Hall 202 - Karis (917-582-2137) & Brooke (315-882-0267) {Take the elevator to the 2nd floor and the room will be overlooking Annenberg. Text if you need help with directions!}

athlete / co-ed Groups

[Female Athletes] Monday 8pm @ Memorial Church Basement - Cassandra & Olivia

[Co-ed] Friday, 1pm @ TBD - Anna (617-894-6585) & Liz (817-889-6086)

[Co-ed Athletes] Sunday 6:30pm @ Memorial Church Basement Buttrick Room - Lauren (254-931-2383), Kaelli (510-837-9071), & Adam {Co-ed open dinner life group for athletes - especially for athletes who are the only person on their team and who want to be in a life group. Club sport athletes are welcome. Entrance to Memorial Church Basement is opposite Canaday.}

[Male Athletes] TBD - Sammy {Men’s XC Team}


Every Wednesday at 7:30pm in the Student Oasis (basement of Memorial Church)

Come and enjoy authentic fellowship, rich discussion, and engaging worship at our weekly meeting of Christian Impact and Athletes in Action. This semester we are starting out by exploring God’s Grand Narrative in hopes of better understanding how His greater story intersects with our own stories. All friends and roommates are welcome! See you there!