Why I Believe In A God

(according to some of your classmates)

“I believe because, to me, it takes a bigger leap of faith to believe there is no creator, ultimate truth or ultimate meaning than to believe that there is a creator, ultimate truth, and ultimate meaning.”

“I believe science points to the existence of a creator.”

“Although the gospel was initially offensive - I didn't want to be told I'm sinful, needy, and lost - it drew me in. Instead of a cold, aloof, punitive God, the gospel showed me the God who loves us so powerfully, so sacrificially, he sent his only son Jesus to stand in our place, and reconcile us to himself. This made a way for freedom from striving for significance and worth in my performance; peace with God, myself, other people; a framework for justice; purpose; and new life.”

“Growing up I wrestled with the claim that there is no absolute truth. This claim is itself a contradiction - if I say there is no absolute truth then I make that an absolute truth. I came to accept that I would be narrow-minded to believe that there is no absolute truth, but discerning what truth to accept as absolute was a challenge for me, so I began searching.”

“I am a Christian not because following Jesus is easy, comfortable, an ego boost, a flimsy emotional crutch, or tradition. I follow him because the absolute truth he stands for is the most solid hope and worldview I've found.”

“I first believed in God because each time I ran out of love, for the world and myself, he would put someone in my life to show me there was more I needed to know, a reason for me to stay.”

“I believe because morality has no grounding without an ultimate source, and God is the best explanation I’ve come across.”

“Christianity doesn't answer all my questions, and contemporary and historic Christians have done a sorry ass job of living out God's love and truth. So to be honest, sometimes I still have my little doubts. But after years of searching it's still the best explanation I can find for humans, human nature, science, and our place in this universe.”

“I believe in God because, amidst a world in which you are told you are worthless unless you achieve, achieve, achieve, God loves me not for what I achieve, but for who I am.”

“My belief in God started with “hope.” I hoped it to be true, because a world with a god who loved me would be much better than the alternative. I became a seeker. The more I looked into God the more I was convinced by the logic of what I learned, and wanted to experience Him in my life.”

“Unlike most religions I’ve been exposed to, Christianity is not a set of rules. Christianity is a motivation for existence, and is the only one I’ve found that comprehensively explains the world I’ve experienced. Science, mind you, is merely a means - not a motivation - for this existence.”

"I believe in God because the mathematical order of the universe, especially its physical laws, displays his fingerprint.”

“I believe in God because he answers prayer in clear and powerful ways.”

“I believe in God because he is the source of things so fundamental to the human experience - truth, goodness, beauty, and love - that we cannot give them up without becoming less human.”

“The gospel story captures the human condition perfectly and offers a hope where there shouldn’t be much reason to be hope.”

“I believe in the truth of the gospel because it changed my life; it teaches me to live authentically, to love fully, and above all, to have hope in the big picture of humanity because of Jesus Christ.”

“The story of the Christian God and His unstoppable love for a selfish humanity has answered many of my most personal questions:

  • The duality of mankind as both wretched and majestic.

  • The insatiable discontentment in the human heart.

  • My deep-set conviction of having a soul destined for something greater.

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